About My story and beliefs

Jytte Elfferich is a photographer focussing on the beauty of people, nature and structures. Her work is characterised by calmness and colour. These elements fit harmoniously with the grain nature of film photography.

Since Jytte got her first camera on the age of 12 – a Canon Prima 7F from her father – she fell in love with film photography. This particular form of photography challenges her to capture one specific, fragile moment. Where todays world moves fast, and new technology allows us to take as many photos we feel is necessary, film photography comes with its calmness, attention and fragility. It is particularly this pureness, that makes Jytte love this technique the most. Without manipulation, true photographs are perfect.

Follow Jytte Elfferich on her journey where she will be offering an intimate glimpse in to lives of people from people all around the world and photographs of natures infinite glory. You can keep updated via her website and please feel free to follow Jytte on Instagram.